Welcome to CharlieSawyer.Com!

To browse a selection of my photographs, click any of the images in the gallery on the right. (To exit the gallery, press your “Escape” key or click the tiny little X in the upper-left corner.)

To inquire about signed prints or publication/reproduction rights, send an email to Charlie@CharlieSawyer.Com.

Click here to purchase unsigned prints, calendars, clothing, and other Charlie Sawyer photo items online.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to CharlieSawyer.Com!

  1. Was listening to an old recording of BB King and was thinking of you and decide to make an effort to reach out. You were my photo teacher at NEC. I have very fond memories and certainly the trip to the Caribbean’s. I am still in touch with Ron Lawton and his wife Sue and hope to hear from you as to what and where you have been up to.

    Brent St. Clair

    • I’m afraid you may have the wrong person. I never was a photo teacher at NEC. I don’t think I know you or the people you mentioned, and I’ve never been to the Carribbean. Sorry. Charlie Sawyer

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