Test of summary email

This is a test of making a post and only allowing the first 55 words to appear in the email, with a link back to the website.

I am doing this to see what it looks like in the email when this is done.

What I am doing now:

I am just typing my thoughts here in order to exceed the 55 word cutoff.  I pasted the previous sentences in Word and it counted 64! So that should be more than enough.

Email “Charlie@CharlieSawyer.com” is working now

I can now receive emails at the address “charlie@charliesawyer.com” (not case-sensitive). You can use this address to send me an email, but I will usually reply to your email from my Gmail address (charliesawyerphotoart@gmail.com).  This is because I have several active email addresses. All of them forward to my Gmail account, so I only have to check my email at one place.  Thanks!

The new www.CharlieSawyer.com

Today I shut down the old CharlieSawyer.com web site. I cancelled the hosting deal I had with Intuit, so the site is no longer on the internet. This also means that the email address Charlie@CharlieSawyer.com is not functional right now. I think I can set that up through Namecheap, the domain name registrar I use. I should be able to have that email forwarded to my Gmail address.

I was paying Intuit $22 a month for pretty much what I can get for free at WordPress. I had the two domains I registered through Intuit transferred to Namecheap. I will have the domain CharlieSawyer.com mapped to this WordPress site.

As of this date I have not made this new WordPress site visible. I will unveil it when it is ready.